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How to Add Emojis to Documents on Windows 11?

Express Yourself with Windows 11: Navigating the Enhanced Emoji Panel

In today’s digital age, communication is no longer limited to mere words. Emojis, those vibrant little symbols, have found their way into our everyday chats, emails, and documents, adding a touch of emotion and flair to our messages. Nowadays, Windows 11 allows you to add special characters and emojis to documents, emails, text messages, or social media posts. Windows 11 comes equipped with an emoji panel, simplifying the process of adding emojis, symbols, and even kaomoji (face characters). Yet, the inclusion of these elements is not restricted to this panel alone. Windows 11’s “Character Map” offers an alternative means to incorporate symbols into your documents.

For those who are new to this, inserting an emoji is a straightforward task. Just navigate to the ‘Insert’ option and select the emoji icon from the drop-down. Surprisingly, a vast number of Windows 11 users are still unaware of the variety of quirky emoticons at their disposal. From a sassy middle finger to a cheerful Santa Claus or an ethereal angel, these amusing characters can add a fun twist to chats, status updates on social media platforms, emails, or other types of documents.

Underlining its commitment to enhancing user experience, Microsoft has given its Emoji panel a makeover for Windows 11. This means users can convey their sentiments more vividly, making chats livelier and more engaging. So, if you’ve been looking to add a touch of creativity to your Windows 11 documents, our guide at risewindows will walk you through the process of inserting symbols and kaomoji seamlessly.

How to Use Emojis to Documents on Windows 11?


When you open the Emoji Panel, you will find four sections: Emojis, GIFs, Kamojis, and Symbols. To use these emojis, open any word processing document (such as Notepad or Wordpad), Email, Blogpost, etc. Then press the Windows + Period (.) keys on your keyboard.


Once the Emoji panel opens, click on any emoji to paste it into your open document.

In addition to emojis, you’ll find a wide array of popular GIFs, encompassing reactions like celebration, smiles, laughter, applause, and tears. The panel also features a search bar at the top, allowing you to hunt for a specific GIF that matches a particular reaction.

To insert a GIF, navigate to the desired location in your document. Then, press the Windows + (.) Period keys on your keyboard. Choose the GIF you want, and it will be inserted.


Windows 11 Emojis panel also includes Kamojis, which are Japanese text-based emojis. It contains various characters. Like emojis and GIFs, select the emoticon you want, and it gets pasted.


The last section includes symbols like currency symbols, general punctuations, math symbols, Latin symbols, geometric symbols, supplemental symbols, and language symbols.


Emojis and symbols have rapidly become integral components of our digital communication. Windows 11, recognizing their significance, has provided an upgraded emoji panel to meet users’ needs. This panel is not just limited to emojis, but also offers GIFs, kaomoji, and a multitude of symbols. The inclusion of these elements provides a fun and creative way to express oneself in documents, emails, and social media. The simple keystroke of Windows + Period (.) unveils a world of visual elements that can enhance any written communication on Windows 11.

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