How to Add a “Slide to shut down” Feature on Windows 10 PC?

Innovative Shutdown: Adding the "Slide to Shutdown" Feature on Windows 10

The evolution of Windows has consistently introduced innovative ways to interact with our devices, bridging the gap between traditional desktop computing and the touchscreen era. While the classic “Shut Down” command is almost second nature to long-term Windows users, the advent of Windows 8 and its successors brought an intriguing addition: the “Slide to Shutdown” feature. Tailored initially for touchscreen tablets and mobile devices, this feature offers a fresh, interactive approach to powering down your PC. Did you know that even your non-touchscreen Windows 10 PC can harness this feature? By crafting a simple shortcut, you can beckon the “Slide to Shutdown” command right on your desktop. Eager to give your shutting down process a modern twist? Follow along with this RiseWindows guide for a step-by-step walkthrough on enabling this engaging feature.

How to add a “Slide to shut down” feature on a Windows 10 PC?

Follow these steps to add a “Slide to shut down” feature on a Windows 10 PC:-

Step 1: Go to the desktop. On the empty space, right-click on it. Then, navigate to New and select the Shortcut option in the context menu.

Step 2: Type the following in the search box. You can also copy and paste below mentioned details in the search box and click on Next:-


Step 3: You can either set the name of your choice or leave the default one as is. Once you do it, click on Finish.

Step 4: If you need a fancy icon then right-click and select the Properties option.

Step 5: Once done, click on the Change icon button.

Step 6: When the next window pop-ups on your screen, click on OK.

Step 7: After that, go to the “Look for icons in this file“ section and type the following. You can also go ahead and copy it:-


Step 8: Select an icon and click on OK.

Step 9: Click on OK for the “Shortcut of Slide to Shutdown” shortcut icon. Now, the icon for your shortcut item will be changed accordingly.

Step 10: As the final step, drag and drop this shortcut to your taskbar.

You will now be able to quickly access the “Slide to Shutdown” by just clicking on this taskbar. As you click on this icon, half of the screen will fade. You will have to slide the screen to the bottom of the screen to shut down your computer.


Enabling the “Slide to Shutdown” feature on a Windows 10 PC introduces a modern and interactive way to power down your computer. This feature, once primarily designed for touchscreen devices, can now be added to any Windows 10 PC with just a few easy steps. By crafting a dedicated shortcut, users can enhance their experience and bring a touch of the mobile world to their desktop operations.


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