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How to Activate a Copy of Windows 11 for Free?

Easy Steps to Activate Windows 11: From Installation to Full Feature Access

If you’re a Windows user with an older version already installed and are considering an upgrade to Windows 11, there’s good news. You can install Windows 11 on your computer without a product key, given you’ve obtained a leaked build or downloaded the official release from the Microsoft website. Still, post-installation, you’ll need to activate it. With Microsoft offering free upgrades from Windows 10 to 11 for genuine Windows 10 users, the same product key can be employed for activation.

Without activating Windows 11, certain customizations, like changing the wallpaper or theme, become restricted. These features remain locked for non-activated users. To activate your copy, a stable internet connection is essential. Dive into this RiseWindows guide, where we’ll detail the steps to activate a copy of Windows 11 for free. Continue reading for comprehensive instructions.

How to Activate a Copy of Windows 11 for Free?

Step 1: Get a fresh copy of Windows 11 and install it on your computer.

Step 2: After logging in to your computer, press Windows + I to launch the Settings app.

Step 3: Select the System category from the left side pane of the Settings app, and then click on the Activation tab to the right of it.


Step 4: If your Windows is activated (if you have updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11), you will see Active next to Activation state on the subsequent window that appears. Click on the Change button if the Windows 11 OS is not currently active.


Step 5: A pop-up window for entering the product key will appear. Type your Windows 10 key here. You may also use this if you have a Windows 11 Product key that you purchased separately.


Step 6: Press the Next button after you have input the correct 25-digit product key. Now that the Microsoft activation server has verified your entered key, Windows 11 will be permanently activated.

Upon successful activation, you ought to see a message that says, “Your copy of Windows is successfully activated.” You can now use Windows 11’s full feature set on your computer.

How to Quickly Check Activation of Windows 11/10?

Use the following steps to check the activation status of Windows 11 quickly:-

Step 1: Open Command Prompt on your computer.

Step 2: Type the following into the prompt and press the Enter key:-



If Windows 11/10 is permanently activated or if the activation period is about to expire, a pop-up window will appear and display the information.


In summation, transitioning from an older version of Windows to Windows 11 can be hassle-free, especially when you’re informed. While you can install Windows 11 without an immediate need for a product key, activating it remains a crucial step to unlock its full potential. Activation is not just a formality; it’s necessary to access various customization features. Leveraging the free upgrade provided by Microsoft for genuine Windows 10 users can be a boon in this process. Always ensure a stable internet connection during activation. By following the straightforward steps outlined in this RiseWindows guide, you can seamlessly activate your copy of Windows 11 and make the most out of its comprehensive offerings. Stay informed, and enjoy an enhanced Windows experience.


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