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Giveaway: Grab Driver Booster 10 Pro Licence for Free for 3 Months

Introducing the Driver Booster 10 Pro: Your One-Stop Solution for Windows Driver Management

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, maintaining an up-to-date computer system is not just a matter of performance, but also security. Outdated systems can unknowingly host vulnerabilities, providing hackers a potential backdoor into your precious data. Furthermore, driver-related issues often lead to frustrating system crashes, freezes, and hitches in software operations. For those grappling with such issues, there’s a beacon of hope. Presenting the Driver Booster 10 Pro – a robust solution not only addressing driver problems but also ensuring smooth software running without hogging your RAM. The best part? For a limited time, you can secure a free license for Driver Booster 10 Pro for a full 3 months. Dive in, upgrade, and fortify your computing experience.

This risewindows article will introduce the Driver Booster 10 Pro and how to download it.

Driver Booster 10 Pro for Windows 11 and 10

IObit’s Driver Booster Pro 10 stands out as a highly effective automatic hardware driver updating software. This tool simplifies and expedites the process of updating drivers on your Windows system. Driver Booster scans for and detects outdated drivers on your Windows system, subsequently updating them via cloud technology for swift delivery of updates.

The primary advantage of employing this software is its ability to save significant time and effort when dealing with outdated drivers on your PC. With just a single click, you can effortlessly download and install the necessary updates. Driver Booster is offered in both a free edition and a paid Pro version.

The free edition caters to basic driver updating needs and is sufficient for keeping your system drivers up to date. In contrast, the Pro version, priced at $22.95, offers advanced features, including driver backup, access to free technical support, and automated updates.

Outdated hardware drivers can lead to PC slowdowns and system crashes over time. Keeping your PC’s hardware drivers current can be a daunting task, but IObit’s Driver Booster Pro simplifies the process. It scans your system for outdated drivers, downloads the latest versions, and installs them, all in one seamless operation.

One notable difference between the Pro edition and the free version is that the free edition may delay driver downloads, requiring users to wait longer for the latest driver versions to be installed.

Driver issues can lead to inconveniences such as system crashes, freezes, sound problems, keyboard issues, and frequent network disconnects. Driver Booster Pro aims to address these common Windows problems comprehensively. Additionally, it enhances gaming performance, a feature that sets it apart from the free version.

With Driver Booster Pro, you can safely and thoroughly uninstall AMD, NVIDIA, and INTEL graphics card drivers, including the removal of all remaining display driver remnants. This driver removal process is crucial when installing new drivers, resolving problematic drivers, or upgrading your GPU.

Furthermore, the scanning and driver installation speed has been improved in Driver Booster 10. It maintains a user-friendly interface with a “one-click” design for simplicity. You can activate the Auto Driver Update feature to receive real-time updates effortlessly.

Download Driver Booster 10 Pro

To activate the Driver Booster 10 Pro, download and install the Free version of this application from its official website.

To make the most of the IObit Driver Booster Pro 10:-

Step 1. Begin by installing the software.

Step 2. During installation, opt for the ‘custom installation‘ option and be sure to decline the installation of any additional unwanted applications.

Step 3. Once installed, open the Driver Booster application.

Step 4. On the primary interface, you’ll notice an option labeled “Enter Code.” Click on it.

Step 5. Input the provided license code: EBAD6-9DCC5-925B7-32EB0.

By following these steps, you’ll activate the Pro version, granting you three months of comprehensive, uninterrupted service. Enjoy!


Driver Booster 10 Pro by IObit emerges as an efficient and reliable solution for individuals looking to update and streamline their system’s drivers. This tool not only detects and updates outdated drivers but also offers advanced features that make the user experience more seamless. With special promotions available, securing a three-month free license for the Pro version is a valuable opportunity for Windows users to enhance their computer’s performance and security.

For a limited time, there’s an opportunity to obtain IObit Driver Booster 10.5 Pro for free as part of a special giveaway. Additionally, please note that any updates regarding new licenses will be exclusively posted on the mentioned link.



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