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Free ISO Creator: A tool to create ISO image from your files and folders

Unraveling the World of ISO Creation: Folder2iso vs. Free ISO Creator.

In the vast world of software distribution, the ISO format stands as a beacon of accessibility and efficiency. Designed to archive every minute detail of a software program, the ISO format encapsulates system files along with other software components. The beauty of this format lies in its ability to hold multiple files within a single file, making downloading a breeze – particularly for extensive software programs bursting with numerous files. This format offers a seamless way for users to download, transfer, and manage large file sets without the hassle of dealing with multiple files separately.

Enter the Folder2iso, a dedicated freeware for Windows users, tailored to transform folders into the much-coveted ISO images. Yet, while its functionality is unquestionably pivotal, it’s essential to underscore its core purpose: converting folders into ISO images. Stray beyond this function, and its utility diminishes.

Delving deeper into the realm of ISO creation tools, the Free ISO Creator emerges as a superior alternative for those desiring to morph their folders into ISOs. A peculiar aspect, however, is the presence of two software packages sharing the identical name – one crafted by minidvdsoft and the other by freeisocreator. Interestingly, despite this naming duality, both hail from the same developmental house, underlining the company’s commitment to providing top-tier ISO creation tools for the masses.

Free ISO Creator (By minidvdsoft)

There are two kinds of Free ISO Creators, with the initial one named Free ISO Creator. This primary tool is a complimentary software from minidvdsoft, enabling users to craft ISO images from any computer files and folders, inclusive of subdirectories. Forming a CD image with this Free ISO Creator is straightforward. One can produce such an image either from any computer folder or directly from a CD-ROM or DVD. This utility boasts simplicity, making it suitable for even beginners. In terms of user-friendliness, the ISO creator stands out due to its hassle-free operation and absence of complex configurations.

When aiming to generate an ISO image from a specific file or folder, selecting the correct button is crucial. After selecting your desired file or folder, press the “Save ISO as” button to commence the ISO image creation. Following the selection of a destination for the ISO file, hit the “Convert” button. Subsequently, the ISO image of your chosen file or folder will be created.

You can download this freeware tool from here.

Free ISO Creator (By freeisocreator)

The second tool, Free ISO Creator, is developed by freeisocreator. Functionally, it bears resemblance to the Folder2ISO software because it’s tailored to convert only folders into ISO images, excluding individual files. With its help, you can readily convert any directory into an ISO file, and its operation is straightforward. To craft an ISO image from a directory, you first need to download and set up this software on your system.

Once installed, launch the application. From there, specify the source directory, determine the output location, and assign a name to the resulting file. After these steps, simply hit the “Create” button. Shortly after, an ISO image corresponding to the selected directory should be visible.

You can download this tool from here.

Both applications are compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. In my evaluations, they operated smoothly on the most recent OS, Windows 11.


The ISO format has revolutionized the realm of software distribution, offering an efficient solution for archiving and downloading comprehensive software programs. While Folder2iso serves as a basic tool for creating ISO images, the Free ISO Creator tools, both from minidvdsoft and freeisocreator, provide a more comprehensive approach to ISO image creation. These applications, tailored for Windows users, are user-friendly and eliminate the intricacies often associated with ISO creation. As the digital age marches on, tools like these will continue to be indispensable for ensuring easy and hassle-free software distribution.


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