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FileAssassin: Forcefully Deletes a File on Windows 11 or 10 PC

Eradicating Stubborn Files: A Dive into FileAssassin's Capabilities

Navigating the labyrinth of Windows file management, users often stumble upon stubborn files that adamantly refuse to be deleted. Have you ever been perplexed by a file or folder on your Windows 10 or 11 computer that resists every attempt at removal? Such obstinate files can be a source of frustration, lingering on your system without a clear reason. Common culprits include malware, spyware, adware, or even remnants of corrupted files from unexpected system shutdowns. Deleting these files can often result in errors like, “Cannot Delete File: Access is denied due to a sharing violation” or “The source or destination file is currently in use.” If you’re nodding in agreement, having encountered these exasperating issues, this RiseWindows guide is crafted for you. Dive in to explore FileAssassin, a potent tool designed to expunge such stubborn files from your Windows PC forcefully.

To address problematic or corrupted files, it’s prudent to employ a trustworthy file deletion tool. In the past, we’ve highlighted programs like IObit Unlocker, Unlocker, and Wise Force Deleter, all of which adeptly handle problematic files on Windows computers. Adding to this roster is FileAssassin, an impeccable software engineered to combat persistent files that refuse to vacate your computer.

FileAssasin for Windows 10/11

Using the complimentary tool, FileAssassin, you can halt processes, unload modules, and close remote handles. This utility proves advantageous for eliminating stubborn or potentially harmful files from your computer that resist regular deletion. With its straightforward user interface, the process of file removal becomes a breeze. To utilize it, simply download, install, and launch the application. Once opened, select the problematic file by clicking on the three dots next to it within the application and then press the “Execute” button.

Should you encounter challenges while attempting to delete files, there’s a convenient alternative: drag the troublesome files into the program’s text box and hit the “Execute” button. FileAssassin will cease all processes locking the file, paving the way for you to seamlessly remove the targeted file from your system.

Download FileAssassin

FileAssassin is versatile, boasting compatibility from Windows XP through to Windows 11. You can freely download it from Cnet.


Navigating the world of Windows file management is not always straightforward, with certain files acting more tenacious than expected. Whether it’s due to malware, system errors, or unknown reasons, these files can become a hassle. However, with tools like FileAssassin, users now have a robust solution at their fingertips. This software not only ensures smooth file management but also provides a safety net for when standard deletion methods fail. For anyone grappling with persistent files, FileAssassin emerges as a reliable ally, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient Windows experience.


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