Download Desktop Gadgets and Sidebar for Windows 11 / 10 / 8

Reintroducing the Nostalgic Desktop Gadgets to Windows 11 and 10

The evolution of the Windows operating system has seen a multitude of features come and go, each leaving its own mark in the annals of computer history. Among these, Desktop Gadgets were undoubtedly one of the most popular and visually appealing components of Windows 7 and Vista. These small utility tools, readily available on the desktop, provided users with instant information and functionalities without the need to open separate applications. However, as we transitioned to the newer versions of Windows, this beloved feature vanished. By the time Windows 11 rolled out, Desktop Gadgets were conspicuously absent. The underlying reason, as stated by Microsoft, was a security concern. The official Microsoft page elucidated that the Windows Sidebar platform, which supported these gadgets, had glaring vulnerabilities. This flaw made it possible for potential hackers and cyber adversaries to exploit the Gadgets feature and gain unauthorized access to a user’s computer and precious data.

While these concerns are valid and significant, there exists a segment of the user base that still harbors nostalgia for these gadgets and wishes to use them, even with the knowledge of the associated risks. For such users, there’s a beacon of hope in the form of tools that reintroduce Gadgets to Windows 11. A notable example is ‘Desktop Gadgets Revived’. As its name suggests, this tool is dedicated to resurrecting the original Windows 7 gadgets and making them compatible with Windows 11. This free software suite comprises favorites like Clock, Calendar, Currency, Weather, Feed Headlines, CPU Meter, Slide Show, and Picture Puzzle gadgets that many had grown fond of in Windows 7. Beyond these, there’s also the opportunity to incorporate third-party gadgets, enhancing the versatility of the software. What truly sets ‘Desktop Gadgets Revived’ apart and makes it user-friendly is the inclusion of a ‘Gadgets’ option directly in the desktop context menu, making access and customization a breeze.

How to enable desktop gadgets and sidebar in Windows 11/10?

Follow these steps to enable desktop gadgets and sidebar in Windows 11/10:-

Step 1. First, download Windows Desktop Gadgets software and install it on your Windows 11/10/8 PC (The link is at the end of this article).

Step 2. After installing it on your Windows PC, right-click on the free space of the desktop and select Gadgets.

Step 3. Then, Gadgets settings will be opened.

By default, 8 gadgets will be available, a Calendar, Clock, CPU Meter, Currency, Picture Puzzle, Slide Show, and Weather. However, a link is available on the program to get more gadgets online.

Step 4. After that, to show any gadget on the Desktop sidebar, double-click on the gadget. It will start showing as a sidebar.

Quick Tips: To re-arrange the sidebar gadgets, you can drag them to the desired location.

Download Windows Desktop Gadgets

This Windows Desktop Gadget is compatible with Windows 11/ 10 / 8 / 8.1 and is available for free. You can download the Windows Desktop Gadgets from here.

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The progression of the Windows operating system over the years has led to the addition and removal of various features. One such feature, the Desktop Gadgets, holds a special place in the hearts of many users, even after its discontinuation due to security vulnerabilities. Thankfully, solutions like ‘Desktop Gadgets Revived’ provide a way to relive the convenience and aesthetic of these gadgets on newer versions of Windows, such as Windows 11 and 10. By following the provided steps, users can effortlessly reintroduce these beloved gadgets to their desktop and customize their workspace to their liking. While it’s essential to be cautious of the associated risks, for those who value the blend of functionality and design that Desktop Gadgets offer, this tool can be a significant enhancement to their Windows experience.


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