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Download 13 Beautiful Icon Packs for Windows 11 and 10

Unlocking Aesthetic Excellence: Top Icon Packs for Windows Users

Customizing the visual appeal of your Windows desktop can add a personal touch, and what better way to do so than by altering the icons that you frequently interact with? Windows has been considerate enough to offer users the flexibility to replace the default icons with those of their preference. By delving into the System32 folder, users can access and modify a plethora of icons. The primary reservoirs for these icon files, primarily recognized as .ico files, are located in C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll and C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll. For those with an appetite for more icon variations, additional options can be unearthed in C:\Windows\System32\imagesp1.dll and C:\Windows\System32\filemgmt.dll. To tap into these icon troves, all one needs to do is navigate to the ‘Change Icon’ setting.

Diving deeper into personalization, this risewindows article unravels the process of icon customization for the uninitiated. But that’s not all; for those yearning for a fresh, aesthetic appeal, we’ve also curated a list of 13 exquisite icon packs. These packs provide a myriad of design options, ensuring that your desktop is not only functional but also visually enticing. So, if you ever find the default Windows 10 icons mundane or too generic, know that the power to transform them lies just a few clicks away!

Changing Icons in Windows 10

How do I change Desktop Icons in Windows 10?

On Windows 10, changing the icons for the pre-installed desktop elements is very easy. The actions listed below must be followed if you want to change the icons for This PC, Recycle Bin, User’s Profile, and Network:-

Step 1: To launch the Settings app.

For that, click on the Start button, followed by the Settings gear symbol.

Step 2: Select the Personalization category in the Settings app after it has opened.

Step 3: Next, select Themes from the left side pane and then click on the Desktop Icon Settings from the right side screen.

Step 4: The Desktop Icon Settings window will show up on your screen once you are done with the previous steps.

Step 5: From this point, you can modify the icons for This PC, Recycle Bin, User’s Profile, and Network. Click on the Change Icon button after selecting the desired item for which you wish to change the icon. You will see a Change Icon dialogue box and numerous icons there. Choose any icon you want to use or use the Browse option to choose an icon from your computer. Click on the OK button after choosing the desired icon.

Step 6: Click on Apply.

Step 7: Click on OK.

How do I change Folder Icons in Windows 11/10?

We have already discussed how you can change the folder icons on your Windows 10. Click the link to go to the respective post.

How do I change File Icons in Windows 10?

Instead of altering the icons for individual files, you can use the third-party program FileTypesMan to change the icons for specific file kinds. Refer to the detailed instructions to do the same:-

Step 1: Click here to download the free FileTypesMan application from the renowned NirSoft website.

Step 2: Using WinRAR or another archive program, extract it in a folder.

Step 3: Double-click on the executable file of the software in the folder to start it.

Step 4: The software will scan and list every file type that is accessible. Please choose the file type you wish to modify the icon for from the list, then right-click on it. Choose the Edit Selected File Type option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: After that, in the new window, select Browse from the menu that appears next to the Default Icon.

Step 6: Choose an icon from your computer and press the OK button.

Step 7: Restart your computer to view the updated appearance of your chosen file types.

FileTypesMan is a great tool for managing file types in the computer and not just changing the icons of individual files. There are a lot of options to play around with, download, and do yourself.

How do I change the Icons of Shortcut File or Folder in Windows 11/10?

Step 1: Right-click on the file or folder shortcut icon and choose Properties from the menu that appears.

Step 2: Select the Shortcut tab in the Properties dialogue, and then click on the Change Icon button.

Step 3: Next, choose any icon you want to use from the Change Icon window or click on the Browse button to select an icon from your computer. Click on the OK button once you’ve chosen an icon for your shortcut.

Step 4: To view a new icon for your shortcut file, click on Apply and then OK.

You now know how to use the icon on your computer to represent various file and folder kinds.

It’s time to download the lovely Windows 10 icon packs so you can apply the desired icon and alter the appearance of your desktop.

Best Beautiful Windows 11/10 Icon Packs


Depending on your preferences, you can choose between Light and Dark icons in this icon pack. While it offers various colors, it exclusively includes folder icons. These free folder icons are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. The procedure for changing folders remains consistent across all Windows versions.

The Simplus icon pack can be downloaded from this page.


Users looking for modern and colorful icons for Windows 10 should consider Lumicons. Unlike many other sets, this icon pack boasts a diverse range of icons, covering categories such as Windows System, Folders, Mono/Symbolic, Adobe CC, Office Apps, and more. Moreover, within these categories, Lumicons offers an array of shade and tone variations to cater to different aesthetic preferences.

You can download Lumicons icons from here.

Insignia Icon Theme

For those seeking a fresh take on file icons in Windows 11/10, the Insignia Icon Theme might be the ideal choice. This theme provides distinct icons for popular platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Google Drive, and Skype, offering a modern and cohesive look to your desktop.

From this page, you can download the Insignia Icon Theme.

Shadow 135

The Shadow 135 icon set offers Windows 11/10 users a comprehensive suite of icons, allowing them to revamp nearly all Folder and Drive icons within the interface. With its expansive collection, users can find an icon tailored for almost any purpose, ensuring a cohesive and modernized look across the desktop.

Download Shadow 135 from this page.

Star Trek Folders

For avid Star Trek fans looking to infuse their passion into their desktop interface, the Star Trek Folders icon set is a perfect choice. This set not only pays homage to the beloved franchise but also offers a unique flair to your Windows 10/11 desktop icons and folders. It’s an easy way to personalize and bring a touch of the final frontier to your computer’s appearance.

Star Trek Folders can be downloaded from this page.


Initially crafted for macOS, the Agua icon collection seamlessly integrates its sleek design onto the Windows 10 platform. Renowned for its minimalist aesthetics and visually appealing design, this set has become a popular choice among users. However, it’s worth noting that the collection offers a limited number of icons to choose from.

The Agua icon pack is available for download on this page.

Pixelated Icon Set

If you’re looking to infuse a touch of nostalgia into your Windows 11/10 interface, the Pixelated Icon Set might be your top pick. Once applied, your desktop will echo the ambiance of vintage video games from the 1980s and 1990s. While the pixelated designs might initially appear challenging to discern, you’ll swiftly acclimate to their unique charm.

You can download Pixelated Icon Set from here.

OS X Minimalism iPack

For those looking to blend the aesthetics of OS X with minimalistic designs on their Windows interface, the OS X Minimalism iPack offers an intriguing solution. This icon pack seamlessly merges a selection of OS X icons with Minimal icons. Most icons within this pack are available in the .png format. Apart from the standard system-wide icons, the OS X Minimalism iPack specifically caters to certain applications such as Chrome, Firefox, RegEdit, Calculator, Command Prompt, and Windows Media Player. Once installed, the icons undergo an automatic refresh, ensuring a smooth transition to the new visual theme.

Once the items have been extracted, launch the OS X Minimalism iPack executable file. You can use WinRAR or the 7-Zip program to extract it because it is bundled under 7Z.

The OS X Minimalism iPack icon set is available for download from this page.

Kameleon Icons

Kameleon Icons stands out as a contemporary collection tailored for Windows 11/10 users, featuring an impressive assortment of 120 icons. These icons are distinctively crafted, drawing inspiration from simplistic imagery set against spherical backgrounds. The set covers all the primary Windows folders, ensuring a cohesive look for icons representing Documents, Downloads, Photos, and more. Catering to diverse user preferences and needs, Kameleon Icons can be downloaded in multiple formats, including SVG, PNG, or the traditional ICO format. This ensures users have the flexibility to integrate these icons seamlessly, irrespective of their specific application or customization requirements.

You can download Kameleon Icons from here.

Kingdom Icons

The Kingdom Icons set transports users to a medieval realm, replete with iconic imagery reminiscent of ancient warfare and regal splendor. This collection encompasses a wide range of symbols including, but not limited to, swords, crowns, arrows, bows, and intricate castles. Such a set is particularly appealing to gaming enthusiasts, especially those drawn to historically-themed games or who simply appreciate the rich tapestry of medieval history. For those keen on infusing a touch of chivalry and grandeur to their digital spaces, the Kingdom Icons are just a click away.

Download the Kingdom Icons set here.

Chibi Anime Drive Icons

The Chibi Anime Drive Icons pack offers a delightful deviation from the conventional, immersing users in the vibrant world of Japanese anime. Each icon in this collection is beautifully crafted, echoing the distinct aesthetics of the beloved chibi art style, characterized by its exaggerated features and cute proportions. Particularly, this pack gravitates towards cartoon representations and features predominantly female characters, all of whom hail from renowned Japanese anime series. With a whopping 208 icons in the set, users are provided with a diverse selection: 52 unique characters, each rendered in 4 distinct drive type variations. For anime enthusiasts or anyone seeking a fresh, whimsical touch for their Windows interface, this icon pack is a must-try.

You can download Chibi Anime Drive Icons here.

Flat Color W10 Icon Pack

The Flat Color W10 Icon Pack offers a select but captivating assortment of icons that stand out with their unique design. While the collection may be modest in size, the icons it contains set themselves apart from the rest. Among these distinct icons, you’ll find representations for essential applications like the calculator, explorer, and Windows Media Player. Moreover, an intriguing addition to this set is the Woman User symbol, adding a touch of diversity. These icons exude a contemporary flair and hold a semblance to the Windows interface, making them a compelling choice for those seeking a fresh and distinctive aesthetic for their system icons.

The Flat Color W10 Pack can be downloaded from this page.

40 Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons

The Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons set offers a curated collection of 40 brown, vintage-inspired icons that evoke a sense of nostalgia and classic elegance. Specifically tailored for the digital age, this set provides distinctive icons for a plethora of social media platforms. Perfect for those looking to infuse their digital presence with a touch of old-world charm, these icons seamlessly merge the bygone era’s aesthetics with contemporary digital platforms.

Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons can be downloaded from here.


In today’s digital age, personalization has become paramount. With a multitude of design tools and resources at our disposal, there’s an inherent desire to mold and craft our digital interfaces to reflect our individual personalities, tastes, and preferences. Windows, with its robust suite of customization options, provides an ideal canvas for this endeavor. Among these, the power to redefine icons emerges as a potent tool, allowing users to breathe new life into their desktops. Icon packs, in particular, have emerged as popular conduits to achieve this transformation. Whether it’s the nostalgic charm of vintage designs, the enchanting allure of anime characters, or the contemporary elegance of minimalist icons, there’s an icon pack tailored for every aesthetic inclination. This curated compilation from risewindows offers a plethora of such diverse icon packs, ensuring that every Windows user finds a design that resonates with their unique sensibilities. So, if you’re yearning to break free from the monotony of default icons and immerse yourself in a world of design possibilities, this guide is your gateway. Dive in, explore, and let your desktop be a testament to your creative spirit.


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