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Double Driver: Freeware to backup & restore Drivers on Windows 10 and 11

The Ultimate Solution: Double Driver for Seamless Backup and Restoration of Windows Drivers.

If you use a computer/laptop in your day-to-day life, you are well aware of the pivotal role that drivers play in ensuring the seamless operation of your system. These drivers act as translators, bridging the communication between the operating system and the hardware devices. But what if a mishap occurs, and you’re left without the necessary drivers to function your system? Particularly in scenarios where you no longer have access to the original driver CD provided at purchase, backing up your drivers becomes paramount. This is where tools like Double Driver come into the picture. Double Driver is one of the noteworthy options available over the internet designed specifically for Windows 10 and 11 users. As a freeware, it offers an effective solution to back up and restore Windows Drivers, ensuring that you’re always a step ahead in case of any unforeseen challenges. While Windows does pride itself on its plug-and-play capability, having a backup like what Double Driver provides can be the cushion you need in times of tech disasters.

What are Drivers?

Drivers are specialized software components that enable the operating system of a computer to communicate with its hardware components. They serve as intermediaries, translating the generic commands from the OS into instructions that the specific hardware device can understand and execute. Whether it’s a graphics card, printer, keyboard, or any other peripheral device, a driver ensures that the operating system recognizes and interacts with it correctly. Without the appropriate drivers, hardware components might not function as intended or might not be recognized by the system at all, leading to malfunctions or decreased system performance.

Double Driver for Windows 10 and 11

After scanning your system with Double Driver, it analyzes and displays crucial driver details like version, date, provider, etc. It then prompts you to decide if you want to update to the latest version. You can easily back up all the drivers and restore them later in one go.

Double Driver Features

  1. Backup drivers to structured folders, compressed (zipped) folders, and self-extracting capability
  2. Restore drivers from the previous backup
  3. List, save, and print the driver’s details.
  4. Backup drivers from installed Windows
  5. Available in GUI and CLI application
  6. Backup drivers from non-live/non-booting Windows
  7. Portable (no installation required)
  8. Works with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Back up Drivers with Double Driver

To back up the essential drivers of your system, you need to run the Double Driver as administrator and then go to the Backup from the menu.

Next, find the Scan Current System button and click on it to show you a list of all the drivers that are available on your computer.

After you’re done with the scanning process, it will list all hardware with drivers. You can select all or a few which you want to back up. Finally, click on the Backup Now button.

Find the location where you want to save the Backup of the drivers, select the output type, and go to the OK button.

The process may take some time, depending on the drivers you select.

Restore Drivers with Double Driver

After backing up the drivers, if you’ve either formatted your computer or if your hardware isn’t functioning correctly, follow these steps:-

Run the Double Driver software and click on Restore from the menu.

In the button labeled Locate Backup, select the Folder Location where you have stored the driver’s backup.

After selecting the driver’s backup folder, click on the OK button. Next, click on the Restore Now button. It will restore the drivers.

The Double Driver freeware will now restore the drivers on your computer.

Download Double Driver

You can download the latest version of Double Driver from the official website.


Double Driver stands out as a must-have tool for Windows users who understand the critical role of drivers in ensuring the optimal performance of their computers. With the unpredictable nature of technological mishaps, it’s always best to stay prepared. This freeware not only allows you to back up essential drivers but also provides a convenient way to restore them when needed. In a digital age where system crashes can pose significant setbacks, having a safety net like Double Driver can make all the difference.


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