CenterTaskbar: Aligns Taskbar icons to Center on Windows 10

Centering Your Taskbar Icons: A Glimpse into Windows 11's Aesthetic on Older Versions

The Windows taskbar has long been the cornerstone of quick and efficient access to vital tools and programs on the Windows platform. Sitting at the bottom of your screen, it neatly tucks away essential functionalities like Bluetooth, audio controls, and notifications. Traditionally, Windows 10 reserved the right side for core icons while the expansive center beckoned users to pin their frequently-used program icons. However, with Windows 11, Microsoft ushered in a wave of aesthetic evolution, realigning the taskbar icons to grace the center of the screen. For those who are still on Windows 7, 8, or 10 and yearn for this centered look, the good news is at hand. Enter CenterTaskbar, a freeware tool crafted specifically for this purpose.

Admittedly, the decision to centralize taskbar icons might not stem from functional reasoning, but predominantly from aesthetics. A centered arrangement lends a cleaner, more symmetrical appearance to Windows 10. Microsoft itself has echoed this sentiment by adopting this layout as the default in Windows 11. This design choice not only enhances visual appeal but also offers a semblance of consistency for users who toggle between Mac and Windows. Remember the uproar when Microsoft audaciously removed the Start button in Windows 8? It underlines the deep-rooted significance of the taskbar’s layout and design. But beyond the Start button lies another dimension of Windows that’s perhaps even more indispensable.

CenterTaskbar for Windows 10

CenterTaskbar is a complimentary tool available for download on GitHub, designed to center your taskbar icons seamlessly. If you’re familiar with Taskbar X utility, CenterTaskbar serves as an alternative, especially curated for Windows 10 users. Not only is this program compatible with multi-monitor setups, but it also fully supports vertical orientations and integrates seamlessly with Windows 10’s default animations.

To use this tool, simply download the freeware from GitHub. After downloading, double-click the executable file to effortlessly align your taskbar items to the center of your monitor. Upon execution, your taskbar icons will find themselves neatly centered on your screen. However, there’s a minor limitation: currently, the tool doesn’t offer an option to center-align the Start button and the Search icon.

For users keen on retaining this centered look consistently, it’s advisable to add CenterTaskbar to your startup folder. This can be done by right-clicking its icon in the notification tray and selecting the “Start with Windows” option. Once set, every time you boot up your PC, your taskbar icons will greet you from their centered position.

Download CenterTaskbar

CenterTaskbar is a free application and is compatible with Windows 10/8/7. You can download this tiny utility from here.

TaskDock for Windows 10

TaskDock is another freeware application for Windows 10/8/7 that allows you to center the taskbar icons with just a double-click of the mouse. Download this free tool from this link and extract its contents using any archiver tool to center the taskbar items. Then, double-click on this portable utility to center the taskbar.

Falcon10 for Windows 10

Falcon10 (known as TaskbarX) is a free program designed to align icons to the center of the taskbar. The program, once installed, automatically centers all icons on the taskbar, including pinned icons. When the program runs, it adds its icon to the system tray. Just double-click on its system tray icon to open its settings. Check the Center taskbar icons option to align taskbar icons to the center. You can download this little tool from GitHub.

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The Windows taskbar has been an integral part of the user experience for years. With the introduction of Windows 11, Microsoft changed the traditional alignment of taskbar icons to a centered one. While this design choice might be more aesthetic than functional, it offers a fresh look that many users appreciate. For those on older Windows versions wanting this design, there are tools like CenterTaskbar, TaskDock, and Falcon10 that allow for easy centering of taskbar icons. These utilities offer users the ability to customize their taskbar according to their preferences, ensuring the interface looks modern and appealing.


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