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Best Free Desktop Clock Widgets for Windows 11 and 10

Customize Your Desktop: Top Clock Widgets for Windows 10 and 11

Best Free Desktop Clock Widgets for Windows 11 and 10: Desktop Clock Widgets are a popular choice for enhancing and decorating our desktops. Although Windows 11 and 10 users can easily view the time on the taskbar, many still opt for a dedicated clock widget on their desktop. These widgets not only remain visible above other applications but can also be repositioned anywhere on the screen, facilitating easier time-tracking. Furthermore, they significantly augment the aesthetic appeal of the Windows desktop. In this article from risewindows, we will introduce a selection of free clock widgets tailored for Windows 10 and 11 users. If you’re keen on sprucing up your desktop, these clock widgets might be just what you’re looking for. Here’s a rundown of some widely favored desktop clock widgets.

Desktop Clock Widgets for Windows 11 and 10

Digital Clock 4


Digital Clock 4 is a complimentary widget designed for Windows 11/10, available for download at sourceforge.net. For activation, simply download and install it on your computer. Upon its inaugural launch, a digital clock materializes at the screen’s top-left corner, defaulting to a time-only display.

To access various options, right-click on the time’s solid lines within the widget. Attempting to right-click within the widget’s empty central spaces will yield no results. This interface lets you exit, update, modify its position, or alter other widget settings.

Repositioning is easy. Use the ‘Position’ settings or drag the widget to your preferred screen location.

The Digital Clock 4 widget boasts impressive customizability. In the ‘Appearance’ tab, users can modify opacity, adjust the zoom level, swap out clock skins, and tailor these skins with distinctive textures and hues. Options to perpetually overlay the widget, render it mouse-cursor transparent, and manage separator flash behaviors are also housed here. Moreover, users can define the widget’s background color, among other features.

The ‘Misc’ tab facilitates changes to the time format, widget alignment, spacing between digits, auto-update configurations, and the option for the widget to run at Windows startup.

Navigating to the ‘Plugins’ tab unveils a suite of plugins designed to augment the widget’s capabilities. Here, one can display the date, set alarms, exhibit the IP address on the clock, and more. To activate a plugin, mark its checkbox and harness the gear icon for additional customizations.

Lastly, the ‘Experimental’ tab offers niche functionalities, such as enabling a full-screen clock display or ensuring persistent on-screen visibility.

Download Digital Clock 4

You can get free Digital Clock 4 from here.



.Clocks is a free widget available for download from the Microsoft Store, offering five distinct clock widgets to adorn your desktop. Characterized by their straightforward interfaces, these clock widgets cater to varied preferences.

After downloading and installing .Clocks on your computer, initiate any clock widget by pressing the play button within the app. Upon its appearance, the clock can be conveniently dragged to your desired location on the desktop.

The application provides options to adjust the clock’s opacity and size, incorporate a seconds display, and enable a 24-hour format. Catering to diverse tastes, .Clocks features both analog and digital widgets.

Download .Clocks

If you need .Clocks, you can download it from Microsoft Store.

DS Clock


DS Clock is a valuable clock widget tailored for Windows 11 and 10 users. Upon installation, it immediately showcases the current date and time on your desktop. If you desire further customization, simply right-click on the widget and select Options.

This widget grants users the flexibility to modify the date and time format as well as opt for their preferred separator. It even facilitates the addition of different time zones. Users have the liberty to adjust the font style, adopt custom text and background colors, or maintain a transparent widget appearance. The position of the widget can be secured, and audio settings can be adjusted. Additionally, an option is embedded to have the widget automatically launch upon Windows startup.

For those seeking to reposition the clock on the desktop, a simple drag suffices.

Download DS Clock

You can download DS Clock from here.



ClocX offers Windows 11 and 10 users a complimentary analog clock widget that prominently sits atop the desktop. For a range of handy features, right-click on the desktop clock. These features encompass options like ‘always on top,’ making the widget immovable, and accessing a calendar.

This software comes equipped with an array of inbuilt themes. To switch themes, right-click on the widget, navigate to Options, and then to the Appearance tab. One of the standout features of this clock widget is its alarm functionality. By right-clicking and selecting the Alarms option, users can set up multiple alarms. Within the “Alarm” dialog window, hitting the New button allows for alarm customization – setting the name, recurrence, specific time, and more. When the set time arrives, you can predetermine actions such as playing a sound or video, launching an application, or even shutting down the computer. For those looking to view the Calendar integrated within, simply right-click on the clock and choose the Calendar option.

Download ClocX

Read more and download ClocX.


In our digital age, customization, and functionality remain paramount for computer users. While Windows 11 and 10 already offer a basic time display, there is a clear demand for more personalized and versatile desktop clock widgets. As detailed in this risewindows article, there are a plethora of options available, each boasting unique features and aesthetics. From the digital elegance of Digital Clock 4 to the analog charm of ClocX, users can find a widget that resonates with their preferences and needs. These widgets are more than just timekeepers; they enhance the user experience and the desktop’s overall aesthetic. Whether you seek simplicity, customizability, or a blend of both, the options outlined here ensure that there’s a clock widget tailored for every Windows 10 and 11 user. Dive in, explore, and let your desktop reflect your style.

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