Best Free Awesome Screensavers for Windows 11 and 10

Best Screensavers for Windows: A Visual Treat for Every Taste

Screensavers are no longer as widely used as in the past. Folks tend to prefer wallpapers these days instead of animated scenes. Screensavers aren’t technically necessary in today’s age of low-energy LCD, OLED, and IPS panels. Traditionally, screensavers were used to prevent burn-in on heat-emitting CRT monitors, which isn’t something modern monitors need to worry about. The reality is that if you want to preserve your screen, you switch it off!

Still, screensavers can look super-pretty, and whether you want one for nostalgic reasons or to show off the eye-popping colors of your IPS monitor, it’s up to you. You can still use screensavers in Windows 10 and Windows 11. So, in this risewindows post, we gathered some screensavers, which is the best one for you here.

We want to mention a few things before you download any screensaver. You may find the screensavers in “.Zip,” “.EXE,” or “.SCR” format. If a screensaver file is in “.zip,” you need to extract it from a folder before you can use it. You must install the “.exe” screensavers as regular software on your PC. While if you get “.scr,” right-click on it and select the Install option to apply the screensaver on your computer.

Best Screensavers for Windows


For Lego enthusiasts, Briblo is sure to be a delight. Not only does it visually captivate as Lego bricks seamlessly pile atop one another, but it’s also interactive. Users can engage with the bricks, stacking and arranging them akin to a 3D version of Tetris, making it both a treat for the eyes and a playful challenge for the hands.

Download Briblo

You can download and install the Briblo screensaver from screensaversplanet.

Moonlit Ship

Moonlit Ship is a swift and simple download and installation, though the exact timing largely depends on your internet connection and computer’s performance. Upon installation, it’s easy to see why this screensaver is often described as refined. It’s not about shock and awe but rather exudes a peaceful ambiance. The graphics are rich and fluid, a quality often lacking in many free screensavers.

The scene captures waves gently lapping against a boat, with the serene gaze of the moon from the night sky in the backdrop. It’s a harmonious blend of realism and a touch of romance, beautifully crafted in its design. Looking to add a touch of elegance and perhaps a romantic gesture to your tech-savvy significant other’s day? This screensaver might just be the answer. Though, perhaps, that’s us being a tad whimsical.

Download Moonlit Ship

You can download the Moonlit Ship screen saver from savesplanet.

Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is a mesmerizing collection of vibrant, morphing visualizations crafted by a community of gifted artists. The installation might require a bit of initial setup, but the executable installer guides you smoothly through the process. Unique in its approach, this screensaver operates on a voting system. The more popular or “voted for” a visualization (referred to as a “sheep“) is, the more it reproduces and has a prolonged presence. However, a word of caution: Electric Sheep can be demanding on bandwidth, so it’s wise to consider your internet constraints before diving into this captivating screensaver experience.

Download Electric Sheep

You can download and apply the Electric Sheep screensaver from here.

Japan Spring

Here’s another screensaver that’s worth a look. While it might not hold the same charm as Moonlit Ship, it stands out in its own right, especially if you’re in the market for something lighter and devoid of deep emotional undertones.

Download Japan Spring

You can grab the Japan Spring screensaver from here.

Vehicle Screen

This screensaver boasts an array of stunning, high-resolution images featuring cars, motorbikes, planes, trains, and boats. Presented in a slideshow format, it showcases a continuous stream of top-notch vehicle and transportation photos. Not limited to just a screensaver, these images can also be set as your desktop wallpaper or lock screen. Plus, as a bonus, the developer ensures a weekly update with new photos, keeping the collection fresh and dynamic.

Download Vehicle Screen

You can opt for Vehicle Screen from the Microsoft Store.

Mountain Rivers

Mountain Rivers is a serene screensaver that captures the gentle flow of river waters, accompanied by the ambient sounds of waves and chirping birds. Adding to its functionality, it also showcases an analog clock at the top right corner, ensuring you can keep track of time even while immersed in the tranquil scenery.

Download Mountain Rivers

You can download the Mountain Rivers screensaver here.

Fairy Lake

Fairy Lake” is a picturesque screensaver that perfectly captures a sense of enchantment. Adorned with charming animals, it brings a touch of magic to your desktop. Complementing the visuals, the calming sounds of nature play in the background, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil and mind-soothing screensaver experience.

Download Fairy Lake

You can download the Fairy Lake screensaver from here.

Living Marine Aquarium 2

Living Marine Aquarium 2” is a vibrant screensaver that plunges you into the depths of marine life. It showcases 18 animated marine species, ranging from the vivid Blue Hippo Tang and Percula Clown to the graceful Sea Horse and intriguing Anemone Crab. The screensaver offers variety with three distinct aquarium designs, cycling through each one. Within the settings panel, you have the flexibility to tweak the graphics quality, determine the quantity of fish per species, or even pick your preferred aquarium setup. It’s a deep dive into the aquatic world, right on your screen.

Download Living Marine Aquarium 2

You can grab Living Marine Aquarium 2 here.

Another Matrix

The Matrix screensaver transports you straight into the iconic digital world from the 1999 blockbuster, “The Matrix.” It replicates the mesmerizing cascade of green code that has since become emblematic of the film. Users can tailor the experience by adjusting parameters such as rain speed, cipher density, and font. Additionally, there’s a unique feature that lets you input coded messages, which then slowly get decoded onscreen, further immersing you in the Matrix universe.

Download Another Matrix

You can download Another Matrix screensaver from here.


YoWindow” is a screensaver that doubles as a weather forecasting tool. It showcases a “live landscape” that mirrors the current weather conditions, the position of the sun, and the ongoing season in real-time. If you’re indoors and curious about outdoor conditions, this screensaver offers a dynamic glimpse of the outside world. Apart from displaying the current state, it also provides a weather forecast for up to five days. A customizable feature allows you to set your desired location, making it applicable for users globally.

Download YoWindow

You can grab YoWindow here.

Bird Life

BirdLife” stands out as a visual treat among screensavers. It features the captivating scene of a bird, identified as the Eurasian nuthatch, diligently pecking at tree bark in search of insects. To enhance the experience, the screensaver also displays the current time and date.

However, a word of caution: Screensavers, including “BirdLife,” might come bundled with other software. It’s crucial to remain attentive during the installation process and decline any third-party offers that might pop up. Always prioritize your system’s security and cleanliness.

Download Bird Life

You can download the BirdLife screensaver from here.

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Screensavers, while no longer a necessity in the modern era of advanced display technology, still hold a place in the hearts of many for their visual appeal and nostalgia. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, or a trip down memory lane, the aforementioned screensavers offer a diverse range to cater to varied tastes. From the whimsical cascade of the Matrix code to the serene views of Mountain Rivers, there’s something for everyone. Even though screensavers are no longer crucial for screen preservation, they can still add a touch of charm to your computer.


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