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Battery icon missing from Taskbar, how to restore it on Windows 10?

Restoring the Vanished Battery Icon on Windows 10 Taskbar

The complex nature of our Windows 10 machines means that every now and then, things might not work as they should. Windows OS, in its pursuit to deliver an enhanced and customized user experience, consistently updates its features. Microsoft continually pushes out these updates to refine and enhance system functionality. However, this evolution sometimes comes at a price: unexpected technical glitches and quirks that may leave users perplexed. One such anomaly that users occasionally report is the mysterious disappearance of the battery icon from the taskbar. This icon, usually nestled in the bottom right corner of your screen, provides crucial real-time feedback on your computer’s battery status, alerting you when it’s time to reach for that charger. It’s disconcerting when such a routinely-referenced feature vanishes. If you’re grappling with this very issue and are seeking solutions to restore the missing battery icon, you’re in the right place. This risewindows article will delve deep into the reasons behind such disappearances and guide you step-by-step to retrieve that all-important battery indicator.

You will learn the following:-

  1. Restoring the missing battery icon in the Windows 10 Taskbar
  2. Fixing the Power button setting grayed out in Windows 10

How to restore the missing battery icon on the Windows 10 Taskbar?

Use the following steps to restore the missing battery icon on the Windows 10 Taskbar:-

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your computer.

Alternatively, press the Windows logo + I keys simultaneously on your computer to do so.

Step 2: Go to the Personalization category in the Settings app.

Settings - Personalization
Settings – Personalization

Step 3: Now, in the left sidebar, click on the Taskbar. Scroll down on the right pane and find the “Turn system icons on or off” option under the Notification area.

Step 4: You will find a few buttons next to options like the Clock, Volume, Location, Network, Action Center, etc. Turn On the toggle switch next to the Power entry.

Once you complete the above steps, the battery icon will be displayed again on your computer’s taskbar.

How to fix the Power button setting grayed out in Windows 10?

Use the following steps if the toggle switch is grayed out because of which you cannot turn it on:-

Step 1: Go to the taskbar and click on the Start button. Afterward, type the device manager.

Step 2: In the search results, click on Device Manager.

Device Manager
Device Manager

Step 3: Double-click on Batteries to expand.

You will find two options: “Microsoft AC Adapter” and “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.”

Step 4: Select Disable Device by right-clicking on Microsoft AC Adapter. Now, again right-click on it and select Enable Device.

Step 5: Finally, right-click on “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” and click on Disable Device. Select Enable Device by right-clicking on it.

Reboot your computer as the final steps, and the battery icon will again be visible on your screen.


Emerging from the intricacies of Windows 10, users occasionally encounter glitches that seem trivial but can impede daily tasks. A prime example is the sudden disappearance of the battery icon from the taskbar, an essential feature that keeps users updated about their machine’s battery status. While Windows consistently aims to refine its features, these very updates can sometimes lead to unexpected issues. However, as this risewindows guide highlights, even the most baffling challenges often have straightforward solutions. Whether it’s diving into the settings to restore the battery icon or resolving issues when options are grayed out, these steps provide a beacon for those navigating such problems. Always remember, while technology can be unpredictable, solutions are often just a few clicks away. Armed with this knowledge, you’re now equipped to tackle the ‘missing battery icon’ mystery head-on, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.


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