Backup Drivers of Windows 11/10 PC using DriverBackup Portable Software

Discover the Benefits of DriverBackup for Windows 11/10.

Drivers are an indispensable component of any computer system, regardless of the Operating System in use. Think of them as the vital connectors, facilitating clear communication between the user and the machine’s myriad hardware components. Their significance cannot be overstated, as they maintain system stability, ensure device compatibility, and enhance overall performance. In the dynamic world of software and hardware, having a backup of your drivers is not a luxury, but a necessity. While the digital arena is rife with numerous tools designed to back up and restore drivers, one software stands out – DriverBackup. A comprehensive utility, DriverBackup not only allows you to safeguard your essential drivers but also provides features for restoration, removal, and more. Its portability is a noteworthy feature; you can easily tote it around on a USB drive or even host it on a cloud platform, making it accessible across various PCs. Furthermore, it isn’t just about backup and restore functions. This software comes enriched with a plethora of options like automatic restoration from CD/DVD, path formatting, and an interactive command-line builder. Dive deeper as we explore the multifaceted world of backing up drivers on Windows 11/10 PCs using the DriverBackup Portable Software.

DriverBackup for Windows 11/10

DriverBackup is a free, portable utility you can use to get drives from an installed OS if you have lost your driver’s CD.

To begin, download (The link is given at the end of this article) and unzip the DriverBackup software in a folder. Launch the application by double-clicking on the DrvBK file.

After launching DriverBackup, you’ll see a comprehensive display of all the drivers, encompassing third-party drivers, presented in a distinct view. This layout bears a resemblance to the Device Manager but with an added advantage: an accompanying checkbox. This lets you decide which drivers to back up and which ones to bypass. You’re provided with the flexibility to either backup all drivers, solely OEM drivers, or just the third-party ones. Additionally, the software enables you to pick and back up a set of files specific to third-party or exclusively OEM drivers. It’s worth noting that Windows 11/10 typically manages the installation of system drivers. Hence, it might be judicious to select ‘backup drivers‘ as an option to conserve storage space.

During Backup, you can choose Full portability in the DriverBackup and find the devices compatible with backup and restore. Similarly, you can select the Digital Signature option if you want to backup drivers with a digital signature.

Once you have decided on the drivers that you want to backup, click on the Start Backup button. Now, you can choose the backup path, add a description, name the backup file, date format, and so on.

You have two Backup options here:-

  • Allow DriverBackup to overwrite files in the destination path if required. (Unrecommended) – If you want to overwrite files in the backup path if required, you can check this option. Otherwise, the program may give an error.
  • Generate a file for automatic drivers’ restoration – For automatic drivers’ restoration, this option helps generate the executable files. These files include a batch files “Restore.bat” and “Autorun.inf” that enable autorun in removable devices.

Facilities that are provided in DriverBackup software

  • Compatible with 64-bit systems.
  • Automatic generation of autorun files for drivers’ restoration. An advantageous option is to create a DVD or Autorun USB drive to install the software on the PC.
  • Drivers’ backup is possible from offline or non-booting systems.
  • It is convenient if you lose the driver’s disk and don’t know the hardware.
  • Backup & restore of Windows drivers, including third-party devices.

Download DriverBackup

Go to to download the DriverBackup.

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DriverBackup is an invaluable tool for Windows 11/10 users who understand the importance of maintaining a backup of their system drivers. This portable utility offers a streamlined interface and comprehensive features that make driver backup and restoration a hassle-free process. With the capability to generate autorun files for effortless driver restoration and compatibility with 64-bit systems, DriverBackup stands out as a must-have utility for any tech-savvy individual. Moreover, its ability to backup drivers from offline or non-booting systems further solidifies its reputation as a reliable solution. So, if you’re looking to ensure your system’s stability and ease of driver management, it’s time to explore the many features of DriverBackup.


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