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AMD Cleanup Utility lets you obliterate AMD driver files

AMD Cleanup Utility: A Comprehensive Tool for Uninstalling AMD Drivers

Being a Windows OS user, the prevalence of AMD drivers in today’s notebooks and computer systems is hard to overlook. While the AMD Driver Autodetect software makes downloading and updating official AMD drivers a breeze, the installation and uninstallation of these drivers can be a technical challenge for many. This hurdle is what AMD sought to address when they introduced the AMD Cleanup Utility. This utility is designed specifically to obliterate AMD driver files and the associated registry entries. It meticulously cleans up AMD display and audio drivers, along with certain AMD software components. However, it’s worth noting that while it targets most drivers, it refrains from touching AMD chipset driver components, ensuring that crucial elements like GPIO, SATA, USB, and others remain unaffected. This tool is the embodiment of convenience and precision, ensuring a cleaner and smoother system for AMD users.

AMD Cleanup Utility

We recommend you create a system restore point even though AMD Cleanup Utility is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1 & 7. It is suggested because if something goes wrong, you can revert to the previous settings of your computer.

AMD Cleanup Utility supports almost all of the AMD hardware, including:-

  • AMD Professional Graphics
  • AMD APU Graphics
  • AMD Integrated Graphics
  • AMD Desktop Graphics

With the help of  AMD Cleanup Utility, you can prepare your computer for a successful driver installation. But still, you should try installing the normal uninstall procedure using the Windows Control Panel’s Programs and Features option. If it doesn’t happen that way, you should try using AMD Cleanup Utility.

Follow these steps to proceed with the AMD Cleanup Facility:-

Step 1: First, download the tool and run the executable file.

Step 2: A dialog box on your screen will say, “AMD Cleanup Utility has detected the system is not in safe mode.” It will allow you to reboot the system to run the AMD Cleanup Utility in safe mode.

Step 3: Click on the Yes button to automatically reboot the system in safe mode.

Step 4: A dialog box will appear saying that the AMD Cleanup Utility will remove all AMD driver and application components.

Step 5: Click OK to continue uninstalling the AMD components from your system. On completion of the process, your system will reboot.

After the software uninstalling the AMD drivers from your computer, you can get them downloaded from scratch.

Download AMD Cleanup Utility

You can visit the official webpage and get the latest version of AMD Cleanup Utility.


The AMD Cleanup Utility serves as a dedicated tool for Windows OS users to ensure a thorough and precise removal of AMD drivers from their system. By targeting specific driver components without compromising essential chipset functionalities, the utility ensures system stability. Although the tool is designed to be reliable and comprehensive, users are still advised to follow standard uninstallation procedures first and use the utility as a backup. Additionally, creating a system restore point prior to utilizing the utility provides an extra layer of security.


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