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Addition of Extra Buttons to the Title Bar of window on Windows 10 or 11

Enhancing Windows with eXtra Buttons

The user interface of an operating system is a blend of functionality and design, aiming to offer both efficiency and aesthetic appeal. One such essential component in the Windows 10 and 11 interface is the title bar of a window, which typically houses three primary buttons: Minimize (-), Maximize ([]), and Close (X). These buttons are quintessential for basic window operations. However, what if you desired a bit more functionality right at your fingertips, perhaps a few additional buttons for enhanced usability? While Microsoft hasn’t inherently incorporated this feature into the system, the power of third-party tools comes to the rescue. ‘Extra Buttons’ is one such freeware tool that allows users to augment the title bar with additional buttons tailored to suit specific needs. In this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of enhancing your title bar in Windows 10 or 11 with these additional buttons, enabling a more streamlined and customized user experience. Let’s delve in and learn how to make the most of your title bar!

How to add extra Buttons for Windows 10 or 11?

We find three basic buttons in a program or window, i.e., Minimize, Maximize, and Close. These buttons perform essential functions. To complete the advanced functions, we need extra buttons. We can add additional buttons using different buttons, a free application software.

This application helps us create or make an extra set of buttons according to our requirements. Here, we can choose and add different buttons from a group of controls.

First, we must install it on our system to use this app. Its size is approx 1.33 MB. After installing this software in your system, we can get three buttons on the top of every window, i.e., minimize tray and bookmarks. We can edit these buttons as per our requirements.

Steps for Configuration to add more extra buttons in the Window Title bar in window 10 or 11

To use this software, we have to download extra buttons software. We have to install it in our system. After installation, we will find a home screen having a strip with various buttons such as always on top, send to tray, Bookmarks button, etc.

This software allows us to add more buttons or remove a button. For this, we need to go “eXtra Buttons Options” page from the “Available buttons” list. Then select a button as per your requirement and click the add button. We can also click the Add All button to add all the buttons simultaneously.

We can also remove a button by selecting and clicking the Remove button. We can also click the Remove All button option to remove all buttons simultaneously.

We can add our required buttons accordingly. After completion, click Apply and then the OK button.

This extra buttons software allows us to add the following buttons on the window title in Windows 10 or 11:-

  • Always on top
  • Send to tray
  • Bookmarks
  • Copy Window
  • Roll-up/Unroll
  • Minimize to Box
  • Transparency
  • Percentage Transparency
  • Minimize to Tray
  • Minimize to Tray Menu
  • Click through
  • Move to another monitor
  • Full Screen

We can also set a Hotkey for all buttons via extra button options in this software. For this, we must go to the Buttons settings section, click on the button we want to configure, and set the Hotkey. By default, it shows None.

How to download extra buttons from the browser?

To add more buttons on the window title bar of Windows 10 or 11, we can download eXtra Buttons from here.


The default buttons on the Windows title bar are crucial for basic window management, but the scope for additional functionality is vast. With the eXtra Buttons application, not only can you augment the basic set of buttons, but you also gain access to a suite of advanced controls tailored to streamline and enhance your user experience. From maintaining a window on top to adjusting its transparency, these additional buttons pave the way for an enriched, user-friendly interface on your Windows 10 or 11 systems. Take control, customize, and make the most of your title bar with eXtra Buttons. Happy customizing!


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