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4 Ways to Access Lock Option in Windows 10 Power Menu

Different Methods to Lock Your Windows 10 PC

It’s been half a decade since the release of Windows 10, yet a significant number of users are still operating on older Windows versions like Windows 8 and 7. These users are gradually transitioning to Windows 10, despite its longstanding presence in the market. If you’re acquainted with older Windows versions, you’d recall accessing the ‘Lock PC’ feature directly from the start button alongside other options such as shutdown and restart. However, in Windows 10, you might’ve observed that the ‘Lock PC’ option is conspicuously absent from its usual spot. This is because Windows 10 has relocated this feature. In this guide, we will unveil four methods to access the ‘Lock PC’ functionality in Windows 10:-

  1. Locking via the Start menu
  2. Using the dedicated keyboard shortcut
  3. Utilizing the Ctrl + Alt + Delete screen
  4. Command Prompt-based locking.

Lock Windows 10 PC from the Start menu

Step 1: Go to the start button on the taskbar. Alternatively, you can press the Windows logo to do so.

Step 2:  Access the Lock option from the Start menu’s left pane by clicking on your account picture.

Step 3: Click on the Lock option to lock your Windows 10 PC.

Lock Windows 10 PC using Keyboard Shortcut

This method is more accessible and fast as compared to the others. However, you can use the one that you like. To lock your Windows computer with the help of a keyboard shortcut, press the key combination Windows logo + L, and there you go. Your system will be locked.

Lock Windows 10 PC using Ctrl + Alt + Delete screen

If you don’t prefer using the one mentioned above, we have another shortcut method for you. You need to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously. Once you do that, several options will show up on your screen. Lock, Switch user, Sign out, Change a password, and Task Manager options.  Go to the Lock option to lock your Windows 10 PC.

Lock Windows 10 PC using Command Prompt

You can also use Command Prompt to lock your computer. To do so, first, go to the search box in the taskbar and type CMD, and press Enter.

In the Command Prompt window, type the following and press the Enter key on your keyboard to lock your computer:-

Rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation


In wrapping up, Windows 10, despite its age, still presents certain changes that might be unfamiliar to users of previous versions. One such alteration is the relocation of the ‘Lock PC’ feature. However, with the evolution of the operating system comes flexibility and multiple methods to achieve tasks. As outlined, there are four diverse yet efficient ways to lock your Windows 10 PC, catering to users’ preferences and comfort levels. Whether you’re inclined towards traditional menu navigation, keyboard shortcuts, or even command prompts, Windows 10 ensures that your desired functionalities are just a few clicks or keystrokes away. Embrace these methods and ensure your system’s security with ease.


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